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How to Match Your Shirt and Tie

matching shirt and tie mens fashion

#1 Start with the Shirt

The first rule of thumb is pick your shirt color and go from there. Figure out what the primary color of your shirt is so that you can match the tie to that color. Ideally, you’ll match color accents in the tie with the color of your shirt. You don’t generally want the two to be the same color (like a solid red tie on top of a solid red shirt).

#2 Match the Colors

Analogous Colors: While matching the exact color won’t look very appealing, you can try wearing a different shade (e.g. dark blue on baby blue). This is called an analogous color scheme. When trying this out, keep in mind the tie should almost always be darker than the shirt.

Contrasting Colors: Another route to take is the contrasting and/or complementary color schemes. This is a lot more dangerous though, so you have to be careful. To stay safe, look for tie

#3 Match the Patterns

Solid on Solid: An easy, natural look in menswear is the solid tie on top of the solid shirt. This way you can avoid risky combinations.

Smaller Patterns with Larger Patterns: If you go with a patterned tie on a patterned shirt, understand that they need to contrast slightly to be able to complement one another. Always match smaller patterns on your shirt with larger patterns on your tie, and vis versa. If the shirt is striped, the tie can have thicker stripes.

Other Combinations: A gingham plaid tie can pair extremely well with a checkered shirt and a striped shirt can pair well with a Heraldic Club tie. These things will just take a little bit more planning. Luckily, The Kater Shop can help!

#4 Tie Size & Length

A huge thing to remember is the size of the tie. In case you haven’t noticed, skinny ties and thinner collars are in these days and your 90’s fat ties are out.

The tie width should generally match the collar width. Then, the collar and tie width should match the lapel of your suit jacket.

Remember to make the tip of the tie touch your belt or waistband when you’re standing straight up. Too short can make your stomach look bigger than it is. Too long can make you look like a child wearing his dad’s tie.

#5 Have Fun

Remember that you want to look as dapper as possible! Don’t be afraid to show some flair with your ties. Believe in yourself enough to occasionally get away from solid colors.


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