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A Missionary’s Guide to Proper Suit Care

missionary suit care tips
When you’re suit-wearing missionary, you don’t just stand there to look good. You walk, sit, stretch, sweat, and hustle all day long. Fortunately, even with that kind of wear, there is a way to keep your suit from looking as tired as your feel after a long day. Here is some experienced suit care advice to live by.

Cleaning the Suit

Nothing will wear out your suit faster than taking it to the dry cleaners too often (except maybe throwing it in the washing machine - which is a big no no!). A great rule to live by is to only take your suit to be cleaned when dirt buildup is visible and is too big a job for spot remover. Keep in mind that dry cleaning exposes your suit to harsh chemicals and often poor handling from a careless staff. When you do inevitably get it professionally cleaned, make sure to take the pants and the jacket at the same time to avoid discoloration.

Preserve the Pleats and Pockets

If you’re not familiar, pleats are the folds in the front and back of your suit pants. When the pleats are no longer there, your suit pants can often look more like sweat pants. Preserve them by properly hanging the suit. Hang it on a good hanger (preferably one made of wood) instead of a flimsy metal wire hanger and make sure to fold the seams together to keep the crisp folded pleat.

Keep the suit pants unfastened when hanging. Avoid overloading the pockets and take care to not leave heavy things in them when hanging up the suit.

Rotate Your Wear

Most suits have two pairs of pants because the pants wear out faster than the jacket. Rotate between the pair and avoid wearing the suit pants without the jacket. As a missionary you might wear a messenger bag. If that is the case, alternate which shoulder the bag rests on to save your suit from wearing only on one side.

Brush, Roll, and Sew

Remember that if your suit is made of wool, it’s going to attract dirt and dust just like hair does. It’s important to own a lint roller and go over the suit occasionally. There are also suit brushes for a modest $20 that can keep your suit looking new after every wear.

Also learn to sew your buttons! When taking your suit off, “push” your buttons through their holes instead of “pulling” on the fabric. This will keep the need to sew at a minimum, which is what we all want right?

Invest In Your Suit

A suit is often an expensive investment that will last for a long time and keep you looking great with just a little bit of care. The Kater Shop is proud to offer great suits at competitive prices. Let’s work together to keep you looking your absolute best!

Did we miss anything? If you have questions or further tips, please share!


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