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LDS Missionary Shoe And Foot Care Tips Part 2

Answering the call to serve will prove to be one of the most rewarding endeavors in your life, but the wear and tear that can be put on your feet is one consequence to take seriously. Elders and sisters will definitely be walking, with some individuals traveling as far as 20 miles a day! Regardless of the climate you are serving in, it’s essential to take care of all of your missionary clothing to represent the Lord in a proper, professional way. As a representative of the Church, it’ll fall on you to keep everything clean and pristine. The Kater Shop is here to provide assistance with acquiring the best LDS clothing in Logan. Since 1955, our Mormon clothing store has worked diligently to provide the best LDS missionary clothing, suit rentals, and letterman jackets to Utah residents. Our experienced team is here to help young missionaries prepare fully before they travel to Provo.

Taking proper care of your missionary shoes will make the difference between proselytizing and being sent home. Today, we’ll continue to look at our Mormon shoe care tips to provide brothers and sisters with the knowledge needed to thrive in the field. If you are preparing to serve, be sure to stop by our LDS clothing store in Logan to begin!

Making Rotations

Your leather dress shoes will definitely come under a lot of stress throughout the course of a regular day. It’s important to give your kicks time to breathe and decompress. As we have said before, missionaries will need to take multiple pairs of shoes for a two-year mission. Rotating your shoes on a daily basis will also allow them time to dry out. Moisture is the bane of your shoes’ existence, so be sure to rotate properly!

The Kater Shop recommends giving your shoes two days off after one day of use. Properly swapping shoes will help to retain the support and comfort needed to keep your feet happy and healthy. In the long run, your missionary shoes will last longer, which results in more benefits. Your feet should be a top priority, and rotating helps to keep everything clear and dry.

Wisely Weatherproofing

Elders serving in humid climates will face a major challenge when it comes to shoe and foot health. One relatively simple way to combat moisture issues is to weatherproof your missionary shoewear. A variety of sprays and oils are available to offer a solid line of defense against grime and water. Items like beeswax conditioners will help greatly in keep your shoes protected and your feet dry. If your leather shoes become waterlogged, be sure to take the insoles out and allow for plenty of drying time. Any efforts put into proper footwear care will pay off in the months ahead.

Taking Shoes off Correctly

After a long day, many of us have been guilty of kicking our shoes off haphazardly and tossing them in the corner. The next morning, we’ve all put the shoes on quickly without untying the laces. Don’t do this! The simple act of shoving your heel into a tied shoe can do a lot more damage than many people realize. Dress shoes have a strong heel system that provides proper support and alignment for your walking activities. Failing to untie your shoes and put them on properly will quickly break down this support system, creating new hazards. Be sure to use a shoehorn whenever possible to keep your missionary shoes in great shape for the miles ahead. At the very least, taking care to properly untie your shoes and place your feet will help to make your feet much happier!

Tucking Toes when Praying

One issue that may be unique to traveling missionaries is the damages done to footwear when praying. This issue is one of the most common problems we’ve seen, where your bent toes receives all of the weight not supported by your knees. Leather shoes were not meant to bend like this! The combination of a crease line, a lot of body weight, and daily repetitions make this action very hazardous for the soles of your shoes. Be mindful of this when praying, making sure to tuck your toes underneath and shifting your weight forward more to avoid the lean. This simple action can help you in saving more soles than you realized!

Taking care of your feet is an essential part of the process. Elders who do not do this properly are often sent home early. When preparing for your mission, it can help to find a local Mormon clothing store for the advice and apparel needed for the task ahead. The Kater Shop is here to be your source for the best LDS clothing in Logan, providing brothers and sisters with the gear needed to thrive. From our affordable missionary packages to suit rentals and more, our team is here and ready to help. Stop by our missionary store or contact us today to learn more!