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LDS Missionary Shoe And Foot Care Tips Part 1

LDS Missionary Shoe And Foot Care Tips Part 1

One fact that is widely accepted across the globe is that missionaries walk. A lot. Some estimates posit that elders and sisters in some cases walk up to 20 miles a day. When you think about this distance over the course of 730 days, it’s easy to see why Mormon shoe and foot care is so important once the call comes in. The Kater Shop is your source for durable, affordable LDS clothing in Logan. From travel accessories to missionary packages, we have the gear and expertise needed to help you serve proudly.

No matter how sturdy and comfortable our missionary clothing is, it will all be for naught if foot troubles run rampant. From bacterial and fungal issues to blisters and more, numerous elders are sent home annually due to health issues. Today, we’ll look at a few foot and shoe care tips to help you get in the right mindset before you head to the Missionary Training Center. When done, be sure to shop our online store, then stop by for the LDS missionary clothing you need to succeed in any climate!

Happy Feet, Happy Life

Taking proper care of your feet will be one of the most important self-care activities while serving your mission. Be sure to inspect your feet every night once home, looking for sores and blisters while introducing cleaning measures to keep your toes washed and clean. This is paramount for fighting off invasive fungi and bacteria. Fungal problems can often be best treated by over-the-counter creams. No matter what climate you are serving in, it’s essential to keep your feet clean and dry. Doing so will prevent a number of issues down the road.

Foot care also extends to nail trimming as well. Be sure to take your time cutting toenails, as proper cuttings need to take place to protect against issues. When left uncut, your nails can press into the end of your missionary shoewear and cause your toes to curl. Over the course of miles of walking, this can create problems with your arches, gait, and more. It helps to cut your toenails often and work proactively to ensure that no ingrown problems begin. If they do, be sure to treat the problem immediately to prevent major complications in the future.

Success with Socks

Your missionary shoes will not offer enough quality if you are wearing them in accordance with improper socks. It’s important to invest in pairs that are moisture-wicking and comfortable. The material you choose will play a major role in your trip. Cotton, for example, is comfortable, yet it offers no thermal benefits once wet. Wool, on the other hand, can retain warmth to a high moisture point, yet it can be stuffy and hard to care for. It’s best recommended to find a synthetic fabric blend to offer the most comfort and protection for your valuable feet. The Kater Shop is proud to offer quality socks to go with our LDS dress shoes, delivering style as well as protection.

Investing in Safety Sandals

One area that some elders fail to capitalize on is packing comfortable sandals for their non-work activities. From lounging about the apartment to taking a shower in a public bath, sandals play an integral role in keeping your feet healthy. Numerous factors play into the bacterial risks facing your feet, including climate and shower cleanliness. In any common-use shower, it’s ideal to wear shower footwear to keep your feet away from invasive infections. Sandals are also helpful as a comfy shoe option around your place. This can be helpful because it allows your feet to better breathe, and also supplies some time for your leather shoes to air out and breathe.

Taking care of your feet while serving is an essential part of the process. By investing the right time and money into your missionary shoes, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of having happy, healthy feet. The alternative can have a widespread effect on your experience, dampening the valuable time spent there and hampering your ability to represent the Lord. Next time, we’ll continue this discussion by looking more into the importance of buying the best Mormon footwear and proper care tips to help your footwear last as long as possible.

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