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Think Celestial

SizeMen's 6-13

Everyone LOVED this phrase the moment it came from President Russell M. Nelson at the end of October 2023 General Conference.

When you fail that dreaded math test that you studied all weekend for...

When your missionary companion snores all night long giving you only a full 40 minutes of sleep...

When you show up to church and see your name on the program...and you forgot to prepare a talk...

When you take the last shot in your Church basketball game...and you not only miss, but you get fouled and airball both free throws...and you're down by 40 anyway, so it doesn't really matter...and your crush is there to watch it all happen...

We could go on...because there is no end to the trials this crazy life can bring us.

Therefore...when you wear these classy, comfy, and brown and gold vibrant colored BOMSocks, you will always be reminded to "THINK CELESTIAL"

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Think Celestial