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Pronounced: “my-kul
Scent Family: Fresh/Floral
Featured Notes: Basil | Grapefruit | Tobacco

Has that "fresh out of the shower" clean smell. You'll feel polished and ready to take on that interview or first date. Slight fresh cotton/linen vibe to it, but nothing like your basic air freshener. Mikul is much more complex and long lasting throughout the day.


Know a ton of Michaels? Us too. This Mikul isn't your ordinary Michael. Probably the most creative guy we know, which speaks to the levels in this scent. This bottle features a map of Tokyo to represent Mikul's new home. Japanese culture perfectly fits the refined, clean nature of this fragrance as well.

Scent Note Breakdown:
Top Notes: Basil, Coriander, Grapefruit
Mid Notes: Cardamom, Orange Blossom, Ginger
Base Notes: Cedar, Amber, Tobacco


Concentration: 22% (Eau de Parfum)
Size: 50ml | 1.7fl oz
Duration: Will last 6-12+ months depending on usage
Production: Made in the USA

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$54.00 Regular price $68.00